A McKinsey & Company study shows that high performers are more productive than the average performers, where depending on the work complexity, 1 high performing hire can replace the productivity output of up to 8 of his or her colleagues.

By hiring a high performer instead of an average performer, a company will:
1. Reduce their overhead cost.
2. Reduce the time needed to complete a project

Unfortunately for employers, the job market has changed today. Candidates have more power to choose a company compared to a few years ago. According to market research by MRI Network, the current job market is 90% driven by the choices made by candidates. Talent chooses you.

With this war of talent, attracting top talent is getting more challenging. Companies need to get more creative to attract top talent more than ever.

When sourcing for top talent, think like a marketer. If you want to market your amazing perks of working at your company, what would a marketer do to reach talent and stand out among the crowd?

Other than recruiting through job sites, LinkedIn Recruiters and Recruitment agencies, here are 10 often-neglected but effective ways to attract top talent:  

  1. Featured Post by the Press
    Getting the press to talk about your company culture and job vacancies is one very effective but often neglected channel.

    A featured post by the press helps you get noticed by talent who may not be actively seeking but are open to new opportunities. On top of that, you can also get long-term SEO content exposure. You can also use these articles on your career page, or job postings to showcase your company culture.

    Want an introduction to your local Press for Featured Posts at a discounted rate? Send a request here and we can get an introduction in for you.

  2. Employees Referral
    Try getting your employees to recommend candidates from their existing network and reward them upon successful hiring.

    When a candidate is referred in through an existing employee in the company, there's a high likelihood that they already have an idea of what the company culture is like and they've decided to join after understanding the working environment.

    It is surprisingly easy to set up an employee referral program with tools such as FirstBird which offers a simple and easy-to-follow employee experience.

  3. Candidates' Referral
    Candidates can also help refer their friends to apply to work at your company too. You can offer candidates with a reward (E.g. an iPad, shopping vouchers) upon successful hiring of any referred candidate.

    How does this work? Launch a Refer-a-Friend Referral System as the last step of a candidates' job application journey. Simply ask them if they know any friends who may be interested in any of the roles your company. List down the vacancies too. If any candidate answered "yes", you can generate a unique URL for them so you can track which candidate referred who.

    Prehireforms has a friends' referral system automated through an add-on Refer-a-Friend tool. It allows you to automatically generate a unique URL for each signed-up candidate and to track which candidate is referred by who, and the reach/impressions that each candidate is bringing to your linked career page.

  4. Creating an Interactive Pre-hire application Journey
    Candidates' first encounter with you sets their first impressions of your company. You must manage the journey well. You may have heard of how top candidates dropping off due to long and boring forms that they are asked to fill.

    Here are 3 quick tips on small changes you can make to your recruitment process to achieve a better candidate experience.

    a. Stop asking candidates to sign up for an account just to apply for a job with you. Allow candidates to jump straight into applying to join your company the moment they landed on your page.

    b. Utilise creative tools to create an interactive job application form that allows candidates to get to know about your company (E.g. Telling them a story about your company such as giving a welcome introduction from the team, what it's like day-to-day working in the company), while they complete their pre-hire forms or assessments questions.

    c. Ask the right questions during assessments. I've heard from candidates how they are asked if "they are good at playing office politics in the company?" which gives a very bad impression of how a company culture might be. Use readily available online assessment guides and library to craft questions when assessing candidates. We share sample interview/assessment questions on this blog too. You may subscribe to receive notification when a new blog is up.

    Creating an engaging candidate journey can be extremely easy through tools such as Prehireforms. You can get access to the job-specific candidate assessment library too. Many candidates have dropped good feedback about their different but enjoyable experience filling up an application form through Prehireforms.

  5. Build a strong Glassdoor rating
    Experienced candidates often refer to a company's Glassdoor rating when applying for a job. If your company has Glassdoor ratings of 4.5 and above, congratulation, you've nailed it! What if your company has a low Glassdoor rating?

    In order to fix this long-term, here are three things you can do to fix your Glassdoor ratings:

    a. Fix the issues raised by the employees. You may also set up an anonymous ad-hoc feedback platform, offering a safe platform for employees to raise their concern, rather than publicly.
    Make sure employees' concerns are addressed internally quickly as employees are often impatient when it comes to internal issues.

    b. The issue may arise from your hires' cultural fit too. Look into your hiring process too. Make sure you hire the right people who are aligned with your company values and culture.
    There are tools in the market that can help you test a candidates' cultural fit with your company. Conduct pre-hire assessments to make sure that your new hires fit well into your company.

    c. Evaluate if the existing employees who left low Glassdoor ratings still fit well into the company. Internal challenges should be kept settled internally as sharing publicly will only bring damage to the company rather than any good. They may no longer thinking from the best benefits of the company and may not aligned with where the company is heading anymore. Sit down with them and resolve the issues.

  6. Professional Association Collaboration
    If the role you're hiring is industry-specific, try hiring through your professional association. Reach out to the committee of the association and see if they are happy to share your job vacancies with their members.

  7. University Collaboration
    If you're hiring a junior role, reach out to universities directly. The most effective way is calling their university hotline for the career department. You can request for your company to be listed as one of the internship companies to apply to or have them post your job vacancies on their university internal communication channels. It's a free channel, but highly effective!

  8. Social Media Groups Pin Posts
    Rather than posting on your company's social media channels and social media groups that you're part of, get influential social media group owners to advocate for your job postings. Simply reach out to owners of social media groups with your target candidates and request for them to pin your job vacancies on the social media group for an agreed period.

  9. Open House/Seminars
    Not advisable during the pandemic. When it is safe to hold events again, organising frequent open houses with seminars/workshops is a good way to attract talent. Top talent are often continuously seeking new learning opportunities to upgrade their skills.

    Do mentions about your job vacancies during the seminar and end off the seminar/workshop with a company tour followed by a networking session. Get to know your attendees through the interactions you have with them during the networking sessions. This allows them to learn more about your company, and potentially convert a non-job seeker into a potential new talent with your company.

  10. Webinars
    During the pandemic, an online version of an open house/seminar would be regular webinars or free training online. Choose a topic that is closely related to the role you're hiring. If you're hiring marketers, choose a topic about marketing. Drop mentions that you're hiring during the webinar. Make sure the presenter is a skilled marketer who is qualified to conduct the webinar.

    Alternatively, you can also get qualified HR personnel to provide career advice to job seekers. Partner with other companies to conduct career advice seminars so that you can maximise the reach too. Drop mentions about your job vacancies. Remember not to overdo it!

Know of any other effective but creative ways to attract top talent, drop a message under comments and we can add them into the list!