1. Refer-a-Friend Job Referral Tool - Referral Factory

Employers can encourage current employees to refer their friends to job vacancies in their company. Reward employees with a cash bonus when their friend is successfully hired by you.

Referral programs doesn't need to be limited to your own employees! Include your friends and network into helping you source for good candidates. You can even have candidates refer other candidates to the job by simply embedding a referral tool into your career page. This way, anyone can bring candidates to you, and get rewarded.

With Referral Factory, a unique referral URL is generated upon sign up. You can also manually input all participants into the system and Referral Factory will send an email with the unique referral link to the participants.

3 benefits of employees' referral program

1. Cut down on recruitment cost
- Think about it. You don't pay anything to your employees and friends to advertise jobs to their network, they get paid only upon successful hiring.

2. Employee Retention
78% of recruiters say they found their best candidates through referrals. Why? Because before they join the company, the probably know their job-fit to the role through their friends.

Another research shows that 56% of referred employees stay for over five years in their current position, and over 70% stayed in the same position as the time of hire, which indicates higher job satisfaction.

This is great news for your employee retention rates!

3. Automated Hiring
- Refer a friend program helps save your time in recruitment! Candidates are coming in through offline recruitment channels riding on your existing job postings. You literally only need to set up once and you're good to go for a long long time! Make sure you have a referral tool to help automate this process for you.
Referral Factory offers 15 days trial with their pricing starting at $95/month.

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2. Video Testimonials by Your Employees - Testimonial.to

What's a better way to attract top talent than to have your employees talk about your work culture on a video or text testimonial!

Create a wall of love and have your employees (and candidates) drop video or text testimonials for your company!

Top 3 reasons why video testimonials such as Testimonial.to works!

1. LinkedIn experts say that the candidates trust employees 3x more than the employer on information about working at a particular company.

2. It's automated. Employees can volunteer to post a text or video testimonial any time when they feel motivated to do so, and not only when they are asked to do so. You can approve, reject or arrange any of these video or text testimonials to do quality control.

3. Good stuff your employees or interns shared about on their first day of work or their gratitude to the company on LinkedIn or Facebook shouldn't be hidden! Through Testimonial.to, you can embed your employees' LinkedIn and Twitter postings about their experience working at your company into your wall of love too!

Testimonial.to offers 3 video credits free and unlimited text testimonials. Their next cheapest plan gives you unlimited video credits at $40/month only.

Sign up for an account here: Click here

3. Animated Recruitment Video - Animaker

Video is one of the most consumed forms of content available. From Youtube to Tiktok and Stories, people stick to the screen to watch them —and that’s exactly why it should be considered into your company’s recruitment strategy.

Use videos to attract your talent! No video-making skills is needed to create one with Animaker. Animaker has easy-to-use templates where you can easily edit and publish a job perks video, employees' on-boarding videos, or a launch video. You can post the video on your social media, job sites and your career page.

3 reasons why recruitment videos work:

  1. It is easier to reach more candidates. Everyone love videos! Videos are shared more often than text and images. According to Wordstream, video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined! If you add a video to your career site or job postings, more people will share them!
  2. Videos works very well to attract candidates to apply to your open job positions. CareerBuilder survey found that job postings with videos have a 34% greater application rate.
  3. To enhance your candidate experience. Video is a powerful channel to present your employer brand and company culture. You can also include employee value proposition in the video to your potential job candidates.

    Animaker is offering first 5 basic videos for free, followed by $10/month with 5 premium video downloads.

You can try it out free for first 5 basic videos here: Click here

4. Enjoyable & Fun Job Application Forms - Prehireforms

Applying for jobs can be fun too!

You can build a fun and engaging journey for candidates to apply for jobs with your company through Prehireforms. Prehireforms is a candidate screening platform with easy-to-use templates templates to help you create your fun and creative candidate journey to test candidates' job fit to your selection criteria.
Prehireforms candidate assistants can also help customise your journey.

3 reasons why enjoyable experience focused candidate screening platform works:

1. No more form fatigue. When candidates enjoy applying jobs with you, they put more effort into giving accurate data to help you with your screening process. You will have better form completion rate too.

2. Boost your employer brand and work culture for higher offer acceptance rate. Candidate experience is the perception of a job seeker about a prospective employer. Candidates who went through poor experience with you are likely to tell others, reflecting negatively on your brand. Applying for jobs should no longer be about filling up boring and lengthy forms. Create enjoyable candidate application journey helps boost your employer brand and increase candidates' offer acceptance rate to your company.

3. A candidate with enjoyable and unique experience with you are more likely to share about their journey with others. This helps attract other candidates to apply to your company through words of mouth.

Prehireforms offers internship postings for free. Plans start at $39/month for 3 job postings and up to 1000 candidates.

You can sign up for an account to try out here: prehireforms.com

Prehireforms Candidate Screening Platform