Looking for an alternative to TestGorilla suited for SMEs and Startups? Try Prehireforms.

The biggest difference between Prehireforms vs TestGorilla would be its cost-effectiveness. Prehireforms is best suited for pre-screening of jobs with high-volume candidates while TestGorilla's plan is best suited for later-stage screening with lower number of candidates, e.g 36 candidates per year and below.

Prehireforms has an auto-disqualify feature which allows you to auto-disqualify candidates who did not meet your fixed requirements, such as their work visa requirements, language proficiency, and anything you deem important.

Prehireforms is also providing a free 1-time off form customisation for users who subscribed to all our plans. Account Manager support is also included for Enterprise Plan customers too, which TestGorilla do not offer.

Whereas TestGorilla has a video interview feature which Prehireforms do not support for its pre-screening process today.

Prehireforms vs TestGorilla

Other features that both Prehireforms and TestGorilla have includes:

  1. Easy and simple to use
  2. Customise and create questions
  3. Flexible File Upload
  4. No Account Creation necessary for completing the assessment
  5. Mobile Friendly
  6. Test Library
  7. Real Time Assessment Result
  8. Candidates' Score Ratings

Try Prehireforms. The TestGorilla Alternative.

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