SwipeLah! launched a Swipe N Save game that is designed  to reward their active users with free digital vouchers. As they were scaling up and hiring candidates, they quickly realised that there were too many applicants to manage. Prehireforms deployed an easy solution to help reduce time needed to pre-screen candidates with the best match to what they are looking for.

Prehireforms has helped us narrow down hundreds of applicants so that we can focus on the top scoring candidates.  The top scoring talents'  culture fit and soft skills accuracy scores at about 80% !

- AKM Muthu, CEO of Swipelah!

Challenge: Too time consuming screening hundreds of candidates

Swipelah! had up to 100+ applications per given job post. In order to filter applicants for shortlisting, they would have to individually open up all those emails to read each cover letter and download the respective CVs. This would have taken no less than 3 full working days on the assumption that one just spends 12 minutes to assess each candidate carefully. This excludes time spent on follow ups as well.

The Solution:

To help offload the work of pre-screening candidates, we implemented Prehireforms to help Swipelah! identify candidates with the traits they were after.

All candidates were auto-screen based on:
1. Culture Fit
2. Soft Skills Match
3. Candidates' next availability date
4. Candidates' nationality/work visa requirements


  1. Reduced time needed for screening-to-interview
    Via our own proprietary systems we filtered candidates that scored high marks.
    After shortlisting top candidates with high scores, Swipelah! is able to view responses prior to an interview and had a better understanding of their applicants and could move on to focus on other aspects of the interview very quickly.  

  2. 60% Form Completion Rate
    Prehireforms have to date, manage to assist Swipelah with 5 key roles. By focusing more time on  the top scoring pre-screened candidates could they have a more meaningful interaction during the interview. We have also managed to maintain a high rate of completion being 60% of the candidates who opened our forms have went through the completing the application process.

  3. 100% candidates' retention after 6 months with 80% accuracy in job match.
    Now that it has been 6 months since our initial engagement with Swipelah!, we are proud to announce that all the candidates that scored 80-90% were retained and passed their probationary period and stayed hired in the company.

    It was enlightening to find out that the initial pre-assumptions that the form generated with regard to their behaviour was subsequently validated over a six month period, with a 80% accuracy score matching with how as such details were brought up for review towards the end of their respective probation periods. We are happy to know that our forms have assisted in helping Swipelah! save time and that nearly all our top scorers are still happily employed at Swipelah!

Six months after we used Prehireforms to hire our first batch of employees, the Prehireforms team is able to pin-point how well our few employees' fit into our company, and how skilled they are in Communication, Problem-Solving, Interpersonal Skills and Creative Thinking!  

I was amazed they were able to tell me those even when they have never met them at all!

- AKM Muthu, CEO of Swipelah!

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