Screening candidates is extremely time consuming for recruiters. With hundreds of applicants pouring in, a high 90% of the applicants may not be qualified. Further, CVs often do not have the best representation of whether a candidate indeed have the right skills needed. This is what Swipelah! realises quickly when the company was scaling up their team.

Swipelah! is a Digital Marketing Platform that uses gamification to rewards active users with free digital vouchers. The company partnered with reputed merchants to ensure that shoppers win the best rewards island-wide to supercharge their shopping experience.

AKM Muthu, the Founder of Swipelah! was hiring key team members in Marketing, Business Development and UI/UX Design to support the company's growth plan.

Challenges that Swipelah! faces in hiring:

1. It is very time consuming to screen through hundreds of candidates per job and getting onto separate email/phone clarification from candidates on the simplest job criteria,  e.g. Visa sponsorship requirements, Technical Skills sets which sometimes are not mentioned in their CVs.

2. With AKM Muthu witnessing how hiring the wrong people impact a company's growth during his previous work experiences, AKM Muthu wishes to hire the right people who fits into the company culture and have the needed skills set right from the start.  

Prehireforms as the solution to save time while hiring right

Prehireforms are created to support screening of 4 roles:
1. Marketing Manager
2. Business Development Manager
3. UI/UX Designer
4. Marketing Interns

A journey is created with about 20+ questions in each Pre-hire form, going through the analysis of a candidate's cultural fit and their communication skills, problem solving skills, team work, creative thinking and customer orientation.

Basic questions to identify if candidates are Singapore or a Permanent Resident, their expected salary and earliest availability to join the company are also asked.

This solution is implemented so that Swipelah! can:
1. Identify candidates who matches their minimum requirements real-time. Spending zero time on unqualified candidates.
2. Identify who are the top ranking candidates, discovering hidden talents whose match may not be reflected on CVs.
3. Understand what the shortlisted candidates' skill sets levels are, what are their gaps, giving an initial guide to reporting managers on areas of training that the candidate may require once hired.

Results show a high 80% accuracy in assessment, bringing 100% retention after 8 months for all 3 roles.

6 months after the implementation of Prehireforms on Swipelah! hiring journey, Prehireforms conducted a hiring analysis to understand how the hired candidates through Prehireforms are doing.

AKM Muthu shared that all 3 hires (excluding the intern position) through Prehireforms are still with the company with a 100% retention rate.

As we analysed through each of the skills set, cultural fit and their motivation factors of these 3 hires, Prehireforms achieved a high 80% accuracy in the skills on-the-job performance prediction, with their Communication Skills, Creative Thinking, Teamwork and Problem Solving at high accuracy, while Customer Orientation on a mid-accuracy.

A high 62% completion Prehireforms completion rate is achieved too - even though candidates are asked to complete 30+ questions in the job application journey.

Here's what candidates say about Swipelah!'s Candidate Experience through Prehireforms.

Placed on the last question on the Prehireforms, Swipelah! asked candidates if they have any questions to ask, but some candidates chose to say...

"Love the way the form filling is done. Not the long and mundane type of form filling that I'm used to. Kudos!" - Marketing Manager Candidate
"No questions but I love this prehireform!!" - Marketing Intern Candidate
"Thank you for these interesting and useful questions, I really enjoy it and appreciate it!" - Marketing Intern Candidate
"Nope, just a feedback: That's a cool idea and UI design for getting an intern information!" - UI/UX Designer Candidate
"None, but I did enjoy the whole process, it's kind of refreshing" - Business Development Manager Candidate