Good leaders can bring your business to the next level. Finding the right leaders is very important for your company's growth.

Unfortunately, qualified leaders are difficult to identify. Employees without leadership skills if placed in a leadership position can cost companies not just time and money, but serious damage to the external growth of the company and internally with the team.

What is good leadership skills?

Employees with good leadership skills can lead others to achieve objectives in the most effective way, provide an inclusive workplace that cultivates workplace relationships and teamwork, and foster the development of others.
– Skills Framework by SkillsFuture Singapore

You can view the full list of skills and its descriptions here.

The right leaders can be motivating and empowering. They can also establish the right direction for the company and inspire others to listen and follow them.

5 assessment questions to test candidates with good leadership skills

Leadership Skills Assessment Template on

Here are 5 examples of scale-rating questions hiring managers can ask :

  1. I would speak up in protest if and when someone says something which is not true and mean.  Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).
    - This tests candidates' integrity. To be Righteous and to speak up for your team when they are wronged. The preferred answer is 5.

  2. As the manager, if I notice my team making mistakes, I will report the case to the top management so that action can be taken to solve this problem.  Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).
    -  To test candidates' empathy and accountability. Good leaders understand first-time mistakes are good learning opportunities and he is accountable for his team. Preferred answer is 1.  

  3. When assigning tasks, I consider people's skills first before their interests. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).
    - To test candidates' ability to delegate. Both skills and interests are equally important to keep the team motivated and improving. Preferred answer is 1.

  4. I think that teams perform best when individuals keep doing the same tasks  instead of learning new skills and challenging themselves. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).
    - To test candidates if they have the developing people mindset, giving opportunities to his/her team member to excel new skills. The preferred answer is 1.

  5. An employee is underperforming. What  you do?
    - Test candidates on how he/she would handle an underperforming employee.

More leadership assessment questionnaires available on Prehireforms Questions Library here.

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