The ability to solve problems efficiently and on a timely manner is important for companies. It is also one of the key skills employers look out for in job applicants.

What is problem solving skills?

Employees with good problem solving skills can generate feasible and efficient solutions to solve problems and capitalise on new opportunities.

The highly skilled problem solvers can even anticipate potential problems beyond the current scope and apply higher order problem solving tools and techniques to turn problems into opportunities.

– Skills Framework by SkillsFuture Singapore

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5 assessment questions to test candidates problem solving skills

  1. I rely on my own experience to find potential solutions to a problem. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).  
    - Every problem has different scenarios. Other related aspects and hearing from others should be considered. Preferred Answer is 1.

  2. In order to solve a problem, I need to have all the information related to the problem to solve it efficiently. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).
    - Good problem solvers do not need all information to solve a problem. They are very focus on related issues to the root cause of the problem. Preferred Answer 1.

  3. When running a project, I am very focused in running it smoothly and hope that no problem would appear. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).
    - Highly skilled problem solvers can anticipate potential problems and solve them before it happens. Preferred Answer is 1.

  4. The team efficiency is low. What do you do?
    - This helps to test the progress the candidate would go through in order to solve the problem.

  5. If there’s an existing solution that has worked in the past, I tend not to look at other possible solutions to solve the same problem. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely).
    - A solution that has worked in the past may no longer work together with a ever-changing working environment. On top of that, a good problem solver would always seek new ways of doing things to improve existing solutions. Preferred Answer is 1.

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