Knowing what to say, and how to say it at the right time can make others interested to learn more and engage in active listening. This is the beauty of effective communication skills.

Employees in the digital age need to know how to communicate efficiently via various channels such as face-to-face communication, emails, work communication tools and video conferencing tools. This is especially important when there are more and more remote workers and today.

What is good communication skills?

Employees with good communication skills can convey and exchange thoughts, ideas and information effectively through various mediums and approaches.
– Skills Framework by SkillsFuture Singapore

You can view the full list of skills and its description here.

With hundreds to thousands of applicants applying for a job, hiring managers are spending a lot of time screening each candidates with some degree of decision making based on their gut feeling to shortlist candidates, only to realise that they may not be the right fit for the role in the end.

Use Skills Assessment Tools to Shortlist Candidates with Good Communication Skills

To make the candidate screening process more efficient, hiring experts suggested asking questions tailored to test candidates based on your selection criteria right from the start of the hiring process – when the candidate clicks to apply for a position at your company. This helps companies better predict their on-the-job performance and save hiring managers’ time in screening candidates.

5 assessment questions to test candidates’ communication skills.

Assessment Question Template on
  1. It is ok to speak your mind immediately even though others are still speaking so that you can communicate your point across and solve the problem. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely)
    - Someone with good communication skill practices active listening where he/she will wait for his/her turn to speak and not interrupt in a conversation. The preferred answer is 1.

  2. If I do not understand the explanation from others the first time around, I should try to solve it myself so they do not need to repeat themselves. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely)
    - Someone with good communication skill would not assume his/her understanding of a discussion and go with the flow by accepting "broken communication". He/she would ask the right questions to get the right clarification. The preferred answer is 1.

  3. Even though I have communicate very clearly, I’m shocked that often others would struggle to understand what I’ve said. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely)
    - The candidate may be lacking in communication skill if his/her peers are unable to effectively understand what he/she has said. The preferred answer is 1.

  4. When writing an email, I tend to write long emails to include all details so the reader does not need to ask for further information. Rate from scale 1 (Most Unlikely)  to 5 (Most Likely)
    - When writing emails, one should keep it straight to the point with only information which matters to the recipient. Length emails would hide the important information in the sea of information. The preferred answer is 1.

  5. It is your first day at work. How would you introduce yourself to your new team member? (Use maximum 3 sentences)
    - This would test candidates' ability to structure a complete sentence to introduce him/herself well, and share information that matters/relevant to the audience.

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