Would you prioritise hiring candidates with culture fit when you prescreen candidates right from the start?

Most won't look at culture fit early in their prescreening stage.

When screening candidates, most people immediately judge their potentials based on their qualifications and experience. It makes sense: you want the best possible talent for your organization to ensure success.

Poor culture fit due to turnover can cost an organization between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary.
- The Society for Human Resource Management
However, only 36% is due to a mismatch of skills qualifications.
-Robert Half

More wrong hires are due to a poor culture match than what you can see in the resume - the qualifications or experience when you first review from a job candidate. That’s why it makes sense to prioritise screening candidates with good culture fit, not just looking at candidates' qualification or experience.

The more people feel that they belong at work, through a better culture fit —that their individuality is embraced—the more likely they are to become loyal, high performers, highly productive employees and representatives of your brand.

There is an argument that looking for candidates with culture fit can lead to discrimination against candidates and a lack of diversity. It may seem contradictory, but it's important to understand that hiring for culture fit doesn't mean filling your company with clones. You can build a diverse workplace with people who shares similar values too.

For example if your company values building a happy working environment. Those candidates who value making close connections with the others would be a stronger culture fit than those who prefers to just focus on their work and work in silos.

However, it can be hard to find candidates that not only align with your company values, but also embody the values of the job they’re applying for. That’s why we created the Culture Fit Pre-screening questionnaires, a way for you to identify candidates that are the best cultural fit.

Top 5 questions you can use to pre-screen candidates for their culture fit:

  1. You're the owner of a company now. Can you please describe a work environment or culture in which you hope your company has?
    - To understand the type of culture he would build, as a leader and if that resonates with the values of your company.
  2. I am happy to work extra hours without extra pay occasionally if the company needs my help to deliver urgent work.
    (Scale Question: Strongly Agree-Disagree)
    - For a company where occasionally require employees to work extra hours
  3. Having close friends at work is a bad idea if you want to stay professional.
    (Scale Question: Strongly Agree-Disagree)
    - For a company that values happy working environment with close relationship among the team members while able to stay professional at work.
  4. Choose 1 type of work culture you'll enjoy working in?
    (Multiple Choice Question)
    a. Exploration (Innovative and Fast)
    b. Cultivating Strong Relationships (Teamwork with Friends at Work)
    c. Stable (Process-driven and with high accuracy in work delivery)
    d. Results Driven (Performance based and Disciplined)
  5. If you can only select 1 trait of a good boss, what would it be?
    (Multiple Choice Question)
    a. A good coach
    b. Giving me opportunities to try new things
    c. Constantly pushes me to achieve results to showcase my best potentials
    d. Gives very clear instruction for me when giving me tasks
    e. Do not micromanage me
    f. Friendly and easy to work with
    g. Inspiring and Innovative
    h. Knows well how to navigate and survive in a large corporation

    - The candidates' selection is advised to be aligned to what their future reporting manager's existing management style is. Even if the selections are not aligned, you may still consider hiring them but you must be aware of what motivates them and how to interact with them.

You can find a full list of culture fit assessment questionnaires at Prehireforms.com

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For more candidate assessment questions, go to Prehireforms.com, candidate screening platform for hiring right.

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Happy shortlisting!