With the recent racial and gender bias unfortunate incidents happening around the world, companies want to hire talents who accept diversity and inclusion at work now more than ever. However, spotting talents who do not discriminate against certain race, religion, gender, age, background, is not an easy task.

A research by Daniel Kahneman showed that a vast majority of human decisions are based on biases and intuition instead of facts and logic. Human biases are difficult to avoid.

However, companies can work towards spotting candidates who have stronger adaptability and openness to work well with anyone. They are talents who have good skills in managing diversity.

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What is managing diversity skills?

Employees with managing diversity skills can work well with people from different ethnic, social, cultural and educational backgrounds and understand the concerns and interests of diverse work groups.
– Skills Framework by SkillsFuture Singapore

You can view the full list of skills and its descriptions here.

How do I shortlist candidates with managing diversity skills?

Here are 5 examples of scale-rating questions hiring managers can ask :

  1. I prefer working in a team where everyone has a similar background, language used and cultural belief.  
  2. When hiring or when choosing who to work with, I choose those who have similar background to me.
  3. I am confident I can manage a team with diverse backgrounds and differences in cultural belief, language, ethnicity, age, physical and mental condition.
  4. When working with new colleagues from different countries, I look at my past experience and advice from others on how most workers from that country are like and use what I learnt as a way to communicate and work with them.
  5. When language or cultural factors become barriers in bringing a team together, I’ll choose one culture and language to use and ask the rest of the team to adopt them.

You can get more questions and other candidate selection templates for free on Prehireforms. Prehireforms can also help you automatically rank your candidates in their achieved scores based on your selected job match criteria, further saving your time to identify your top candidates.

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Happy shortlisting!