SEA Gamer Mall's achievements within 3 months:

  1. Understand candidates' job-fit (Culture Fit, Soft Skills and Technical Skills) and how they work before shortlisting them.  
    (Prehireforms recorded a 85.5% performance prediction accuracy score with SEA Gamer Mall.)
  2. Saved up to 90% of recruiter's time in screening candidates.
  3. Highly engaging candidate experience with 1 in 6 candidates initiated to drop feedback about their positive experience through Prehireforms.
  4. Achieving a high completion rate of 70.5% (+ 30% higher than the industry average)

About SEA Gamer Mall

Founded in 2007 and head-quartered in Malaysia, SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM) is an established global digital goods and services platform for gamers, game developers and publishers.

The company has global footprint with 4 offices worldwide in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia. The platform is the fastest growing online game digital trading and services platform in Southeast Asia over the past 10 years.

Company Name: SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM)
Country: Malaysia, China Thailand and Indonesia
Total employees: 200+
Industry: Software Publishing, E-commerce, E-sports
Total roles hired through Prehireforms: 26 roles

Challenges: How to hire efficiently as SEAGM is scaling fast

Hannah, recruiter at SEAGM was reviewing hundreds of CVs one by one, which is very time consuming. Many applicants do not qualify for the role. She noticed that most candidates applying in do not read Job Descriptions before applying in. She got extremely frustrated on the time wasting on unqualified candidates.

When SEA Gamer Mall was scaling up,they were hiring more than 20 roles at one time. Hannah's method needs to improve as she can no longer screen that many CVs at one time.

Rather than increasing headcount to support candidate screening work, Fifi Lim, HR manager at SEAGM decided to explore an assessment tool to help Hannah makes candidate shortlisting decisions faster and more efficiently.

SEAGM's hiring goal:

To hire the right people through understanding their job-fit, while not compromising the quality of their screening or their candidate experience, even though they have 2x more job opening.

Key area of focus:
1. Culture Fit
2. Skills match
3. Strong candidate experience
4. Time-to-screen candidates

Using Prehireforms to help SEAGM save time in screening and hire the right people.

SEA Gamer Mall launched Prehireforms to screen candidates for their culture fit, soft skills and added 1-2 technical skills to gauge an initial understanding of their level of understanding based on the role's requirements.

They also added general questions to understand their strengths, their expectations to the company and what are the areas they want to be given opportunities to further develop on. Basic screening questions such as availability to join, salary expectations, location, etc are asked too.

An engaging chapter by chapter journey is integrated into the journey too, allowing the candidates to experience the work culture and understanding more about the company.

SEAGM's screening questions included in Prehireforms:

  1. Culture Fit
    (Multiple choice)
  2. 15-20 questions on Generic Skills such as Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Creative Thinking, Attention to Detail, Resource Management (Time Management/Stress management), etc specific to the roles.
    (Scale questions and Multiple choice)
  3. 2-3 questions on level of competencies
    (Multiple Choice)
  4. 1-2 questions on Technical Skills Questions
    (Open-ended text questions and multiple choice)
  5. General Questions
    (Open-ended text questions)
  6. Basic Questions such as asking them to attach their CV or portfolio, salary expectations, location, their notice period and more.

Average time for candidates to complete: 8 minutes

How SEA Gamer Mall tested and implemented Prehireforms

Stage 1: SEA Gamer Mall linked their career page's apply now button to Prehireforms unique URL. They also added the URL to the apply now button on LinkedIn.

Stage 2: After 2 months, SEA Gamer Mall noticed they are spending time screening only the quality candidates through Prehireforms. The analytics show that the unqualified ones are auto-disqualified by the system or they may have dropped off when they are asked basic technical questions. They decided to use Prehireforms as the sole platform to apply to join SEA Gamer Mall.

  1. SEA Gamer Mall added Prehireforms job unique URL on all the Job descriptions.
  2. SEA Gamer Mall used email automation service to email candidates or message candidates who applied to job sites which do not allow employers to link their "Apply Now" to their customised URL (E.g. WOBB, JobStreet, Indeed).

All candidates that apply to join SEA Gamer Mall are now consolidated into Prehireforms.

The Results

  1. Engaging Candidate experience to attract talent
1 in 6 candidates initiated to share positive feedback on their candidate experience.

One of SEA Gamer Mall's biggest achievement is the overwhelming positive feedback they received on their candidate journey through Prehireforms.

When SEA Gamer Mall asked if they have any questions/feedback/suggestions to share with them, 1 in 6 candidates decided to drop a feedback on their enjoyable journey applying for a job to SEA Gamer Mall.

2. Understanding candidates job-fit right from the start

85.5% performance prediction accuracy score.

4 candidates who were screened through Prehireforms completed at least 1 month with SEA Gamer Mall. A check-in was conducted with the hiring managers, Raymond Foo (Marketing Manager) and Yik Ching (Accounts Dept). We compared our analysis done when the 4 candidates applied in, with their actual working style and performance today.

Prehireforms achieved a 85.5% accuracy score in our prediction, even though we have not met or talk to any of the candidates before. (Our lowest score in prediction is at 60%)

Prehireforms sample analysis
Prehireforms sample analysis
Prehireforms sample analysis

3. Saving a lot of time screening candidates

Save 90% of Hannah's time in screening candidates

One month after using Prehireforms, Hannah noticed the amount of time she needs to screen candidates have reduced tremendously.

4. High completion rate

70.5% of application completion rate.

The average application completion rate is 10.60%, according to Recruiter. The completion rate would be even lower if the candidates are asked to sign in to apply.

SEA Gamer Mall started off being skeptical about using Prehireforms right from the point a candidate applies in, afraid that the number of applicants may be affected. At the same time, they also understand the importance of putting quality over quantity when hiring.

To their surprise, SEAGM achieved a 70.5% completion rate, even though candidates Thanks to the engaging journey created on Prehireforms.

(From the point candidate shared at least their email and name to when they have completed their Prehireforms)

SEA Gamer Mall is Prehireforms' Enterprise customer.

Under the Enterprise plan, SEA Gamer Mall is enjoying:
1. A dedicated account manager supporting them with their candidate journey creation.
2. Monthly check-ins
3. Unlimited candidates screening
The full features and pricing plan is available here.