Creative thinking is a critical skill for employees to adapt to the changing business environment and identify opportunities. Most companies know how important it is to hire candidates with creative thinking skills but the problem is that sometimes the interviews and resume do not tell us what we need to know about their creative thinking skills.

Creative Thinking Skills is the ability to...

"Adopt a fresh perspective to combine ideas or information in new ways and make connections between seemingly unrelated fields to create new ideas and applications."
  • In reference to Skills Framework of SkillsFuture Singapore.

How do you know whether applicants have the creative thinking skills you’re looking for in your company?

Instead of using the same old boring technical/behavioural interview questions, one blogger from New York Times suggests you use creative thinking questions instead. Whether your job is to screen candidates or hire them, you will need to have creative thinkers in the workforce before you start brainstorming ideas for your dream company.

5 Skills Assessment Questions Template to assess candidates' creative thinking skills:

  1. I aim for stability at work with minimal changes in my job scope.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)

  2. In a group discussion, I occasionally voice suggestions that seem to be unpopular.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)

  3. I am better at taking on a supportive role in a meeting because others can generate better ideas.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)

  4. If you believe your current process is working, there is no need to explore new ways of doing things.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)

  5. After coming back from a trip, you find out you have 1,000 work emails but you only have time to answer 100 of them. What would you do?
    (Open-ended question)

    More creative thinking skills assessment questionnaires available on Prehireforms Questions Library here.


  1. Very Unlikely
  2. Very Likely
  3. Very Unlikely
  4. Very Unlikely
  5. You are looking for creative ways / shortcuts that the candidate can think of to work efficiently.

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Happy shortlisting!