Candidates with strong resource management skills has the ability to manage time, is resourceful, know how to manage resources well and be multi-tasking by managing multiple projects at once. A lot of people can come up with a good resume but they are not able to deliver in the real world with a project.

Someone with strong resource management skills are good at getting things done. If you’ve hired someone who is a time waster and, worse, have a poor attitude to boot, that would slow down your company's work progress. At the same time, even the best employees can show difficulties in managing their day-to-day tasks. The importance of resource management shouldn’t be underestimated as it can accelerate the growth of your company.

Resource Management definition: Efficient and effective deployment and allocation of resources when and where they are needed; Include planning, allocating and scheduling of resources to tasks, which typically include manpower, machines, money and materials

- Skills Framework of SkillsFuture Singapore.

In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how you can assess and measure the strength of a candidate’s resource management skills e.g. time management, multi-tasking, resourcefulness and ability to managing resources well, using prescreening questionnaires.

5 Skills Assessment Template Questions for Resource Management:

  1. Every project or assignment is approached with the same level of urgency, regardless of the scope or my current workload.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)
    - Someone with strong resource management prioritise tasks and evaluate urgency of each task.

  2. It is often difficult to obtain resources (budget, skills) to help me perform. It is best to depend on myself.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)
    - You're looking for someone who knows how and where to get resources needed.

  3. I pride myself on my ability to juggle several tasks at once.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)
    - You're looking for someone who can multi-task and work on multiple tasks.

  4. I am unable to handle last-minute changes and would need adequate time to plan properly.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)
    - You want someone who will keep a good pace throughout the task, but also be able to react to changes when necessary.

  5. When there is zero budget, you can't expect results.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)
    - You are looking for someone who is resourceful and knows exactly how to get things done in a cost-effective way.

  6. Your reporting manager has requested you to help him on something urgent. The project is due today but if you help your manager, you will miss the deadline that you promised a colleague you will deliver. How would you manage this situation?
    (Text Question)
    - You are looking for someone who is able to juggle different tasks at the same time, ask for help when needed and do not miss deadlines even though situation changes that would affect their work efficiency.
  7. Two departments came to you at the same time asking for the last batch of T-shirts that you have which is only enough for one of them. How would you manage that?
    (Text Question)
    - You're looking for someone who is resourceful and understands where to get immediate resources to handle an urgent request.

More resource management assessment questionnaires available on Prehireforms Questions Library here.

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