One of the most important challenges many small businesses face is finding candidates who are team players and can fit well into your team.

Teamwork is the ability to...

"Work collaboratively and effectively with others to contribute to group efforts to achieve identified objectives"
  • In reference to Skills Framework of SkillsFuture Singapore.

A motivated and skilled team that works well together is the key to success.

Putting talented employees in the same team which does not collaborate accordingly will not result to stellar performance. If a team member do not collaborate or work well in the team, the team morale do not only get affected, the whole team productivity will drop too.

33% of HR professionals report that poor team collaboration decreases employee morale.

Even if you found someone highly skilled, how will they know if that person is a good team player? How can you make sure you hire people who play well with others?

It's a difficult situation for employers to be in, but with a few prescreening techniques you can maximize your chances of making good hires with good teamwork. One method to validate if a person is a good team player is prescreening candidates with skills questionnaires.

5 Skills Assessment Questions Template to assess candidates' teamwork skills:

  1. To reach a group agreement, I am willing to compromise my own opinion and support others.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)

  2. I am most productive if the team allows me to follow my instinct to work, not based on what the group previously decides.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)

  3. I can perform best at work when I…
    (Multiple Choice Question)
    - Work in a team
    - Work alone
    - Get to choose my own team
    - Lead the team

  4. It disturbs me knowing I only have control over a small process of an entire project.
    (Very Unlikely - Very Likely Scale question)

  5. Have you ever found it difficult to work in a team member or your manager? What happened?
    (Open-ended question)

    More teamwork assessment questionnaires available on Prehireforms Questions Library here.


  1. Very Likely
  2. Very Unlikely
  3. Work in a team
  4. Very Unlikely
  5. Look out for someone who seems to understand that everyone has different working style and accept the differences. A good team player would look at ways to accomodate the different working styles and focus on each members' strength in bringing in valuable contribution to the team.

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Happy shortlisting!