Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create Prehireforms:

  1. Select Cultural Fit

Select up to 2 company cultures that best describe yours, or the type of culture your company would like to build. The selection will help determine the type of candidates that would fit well into your company culture or may even help to shape the culture of the company.

  1. Key in Job Title

Search and Select a Similar Job title or simply type in your own. You do not need to select from the list if you are unable to find a similar job title.

3.  Skills
Select the skills you would like to assess candidates based on.

Not sure what skills to select? We have a guide below suggesting industry-role specific recommended skills.

Can't find the skills you need? Don't worry, key in the skills you're looking for and we can customise for you.

4. Create Prehireforms

Ta da! That's your Prehireforms populated with a candidate journey is ready to use!

Go through the auto-generated form to edit, delete or to add questions where needed. It's your form :) , design the questions any way you like.

4.1 Browse the Questions Library

Need some help drafting your own questions? Go through our question library to select questions to be added into the Prehireforms.

4.2. Auto-disqualify candidates

Do you have fixed non-requirements in your selection criteria?

(E.g. must be a local, must have prior experience managing customers from a certain country, must speak certain language, must have knowledge in a particular skill)

a. Set the question to a Multiple Choice question
b. Select a preferred answer by clicking on the preferred option and,
c. "On" the Auto-disqualify button.

Any candidate who did not answer based on your preferred option will be marked as "auto-disqualifed" automatically as a status.
You can still access to all data shared by any auto-disqualified candidates

4.3. Add Scoring to Questions

You can add score to every preferred answer answered correctly.  This feature is available for any scale question and multiple choice question.

With that, you can automatically rank candidates based on the highest score to the lowest - allowing you shortlist candidates based on the best job match.

Once a candidate answers based on your preferred answer, they will be given points. Each question is evenly distributed with points based on the number of scored questions you have in a form.

Let's say you have 25 scored questions. Each correct question will be worth 4 points.

If a question is a multiple choice question and you selected 2 preferred answers. You will get 2 points for each selection because the question is worth 4 points and you have 2 selections.

To select a preferred answer, click on the tick for multiple choice question, or click on the 1 or 5 button for scale questions. You cannot select on 2, 3 and 4 to have scores input.

4.4 Check the Mandatory Fields

If it's important for the candidates to answer a question, mark it as mandatory.

5. Click on Publish Form!

All good? Let's go LIVE! Click on Publish Form and you're done!

Important: once an applicant completed the form, you can no longer edit the form. So if you're testing the form, remember to not click on "Submit" on the candidate form unless you've finalised the form.

Here's an example of a Prehireforms journey:

4. Share your forms with candidates
On the Jobs page here, you can click "Copy" to copy the URL that you can use to share with candidates.

You can share this URL directly on:
1.  Any Apply Now buttons for any job sites
2. For job sites where you cannot add external URL on the "Apply Now" buttons, include the URL on the Job Description.
2. Apply Now button on your Career Page.
3. Send emails to candidates to apply in.

Prehireforms is best used for pre-screening to help you save time in screening every single applicant that apply in, filtering out directly who your top candidates are.

5. Check results and contact candidates

Click "View Result" and view all candidates' input here.

An email notification will be sent to you whenever a new application is received. Their scores will be shared in the email too.  

You can download details candidate analysis report and share them with the hiring managers too. Here's a sample copy of the report:

Jane Suzy - Senior Digital Marketing Executive - Social Media.pdf

Update candidates' status and drop a note here too!

Unfit, Offer Declined and Auto-Disqualified candidates will automatically appear at the bottom of the list.

Start Hiring now with Prehireforms!

Happy Screening!