Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create Prehireforms:

  1. Select a Role

    Let's say you're hiring a Sales Executive. Type in "Sales Executive" in the search bar and select the entry.

Not sure what role you want to hire? Alternatively, you can always Select the Industry and select a role from the list.

If you can't find the role, choose one closest to the role you are looking for. Don't worry,  we can customise for you, write in to Lisa, Your Candidate Assistant at [email protected]

2. Select Skills & Competencies

Once a role is selected, it auto-generates 5 suggested skills for the role. These skills are in reference to Skills Framework as developed by SkillsFuture Singapore. You can read the skills description here:

You can also deselect any skills selection and select another of your choice with up to 5 selections.

3. Create Prehireforms

Ta da! That's your Prehireforms populated with questions to test your applicants' Generic Skills & Competencies along with general information.

Go through the form to edit, delete or to add questions where needed. It's your form, design the questions it the way you like.

4. Check the scored questions

Questions (Multiple choice and Scale) qualify for scoring are marked with a "Score" badge. A scored question allows you to mark the preferred answer you want your candidate to answer. With that, you can automatically rank candidates based on the highest score to the lowest - allowing you shortlist candidates based on the best job match.

Once a candidate answers based on your preferred answer, they will be given points. Each question is evenly distributed with points based on the number of questions you have in a form.

Let's say you have 25 scored questions. Each correct question will be worth 4 points.

If a question is a multiple choice question and you selected 2 preferred answers. You will get 2 points for each selection because the question is worth 4 points and you have 2 selections.

To select a preferred answer, click on the tick for multiple choice question, or click on the 1 or 5 button for scale questions. You cannot select on 2, 3 and 4 to have scores input.

5. Check the Mandatory Fields

If it's important for the candidates to answer a question, mark it as mandatory.

6. Click on Save Draft and your form is now ready!

7. Double-check the form

Under "My Jobs" on the top menu bar, you will see all your jobs listed.

Click on Preview Form to check that the form looks good! Click on edit form if you need to make changes.

8. Make your form go LIVE

All good? Let's go LIVE! Remember, once you've made the form LIVE and an applicant completed the form, you can no longer edit the form. So if you're testing the form, remember to not click on "Submit" unless you've finalised the form.

9. Share your forms with candidates
Tap here to view candidates results page.

And you will find the form link here:

Copy this link and share it on your Company Career Site, "Apply Now" buttons of Job Sites, inside your job description (JD) and via email to candidates.

This link is preferably shared when applicants apply in so you can automatically identify who are your top candidates from the hundreds of applicants.

10. Check results and contact candidates

An email notification will be sent to you whenever a new application is received. Their scores will be shared in the email too.  

If a high scorer is spotted, go ahead and enter the system to retrieve his contact information. You can get a full list of candidates' entry (Together with their email) by downloading the candidates results in XLS.

Happy Screening!