As more companies transition teams to remote arrangements, it takes a different skill set to work from home. And for those that are hiring right now, a new set of tools are required to better test employees who can show that they’ve got what it takes to work from home right out of the gate.

Key Skill Sets to Work From Home

  1. Organisation and being disciplined with scheduling skills
    Knowing how long a task takes is very important with a tight schedule. It was hard enough to know how long a task took in an office. How can one better estimate how long will it take with everyone else at home ?
  2. Technical Know How and Communication
    Everyone works well in the office, being able to speak to people helps minimize miscommunication . Such luxuries is different when one works from home. Instead we rely on tools like Asana, Jira , Basecamp amongst others. Would you like to know beforehand how adept is a potential candidate before investing more later in training them to get up to speed ?
  3. Initiative
    Is the employee a self-starter or someone that excels better with their boss sitting next to them ? Get them to prepare 30-60-90 plan to test their ability to understand what they would be doing if offered the job down to, if possible , bi weekly deliverables from the outset to test their understand of what the role entails.
Work From Home - at desk with baby
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Culture Fit

Going beyond these three skills to watch out for, cultural fit also plays a big role. One may have all the skills sets but miss out on cultural fit. Indonesia for example, has a unique work culture. For example, if the respective work cultures of Indonesia and the US are compared, the primary difference lies in scheduling. American work culture is stricter. regarding timetables than its Indonesian counterpart.  Indonesians are more averse to what they perceive to be conflict and hence more effort may be needed to get to a root cause of an issue in a remote environment whereas the Americans have no issue being critical from the outset.

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